Adventures in Charleston

HEY GUYS! I know it’s been awhile, I feel like I always start my posts off with that… Hopefully this summer I’ll get better at this whole blogging thing!

Recently, my sorority gave me the opportunity to go to Charleston, South Carolina for an afternoon. For those of you that don’t know, Charleston is a very cool/cute/lively city. They have great independently owned coffee shops, restaurants, and boutiques along with some usual chain stores. This was only my second time going and I couldn’t have been more excited.

After the bus had pulled in, the first thing on my list was to get a snack cause I was STARVING! Of course I gravitated towards the nearest coffee shop.. Glazed was a very quaint coffee shop that specialized in making their own donuts. For those of you who don’t know I LOVE a good donut with my coffee! Naturally I had to try their glazed donut, and I got a vanilla latte (that I wasn’t too crazy about tbh). From there we headed towards the shops on King Street.

The two people I was with wanted to head towards Urban Outfitters and see what they had. Some of my friends from the area have told me that the Urban there is in an old movie theater which I thought was very cool. They had done a great job working with the space that they had! I took the time while I was there to grab some gifts for my roommate’s 21st Birthday. Urban Outfitters really does have some great cards!

I love that Charleston has so many different boutiques! Though most were on the pricy side of center, it feels great knowing that you could buy something that not EVERYONE is going to have. That being said I did splurge on a Show Me Your Mu Mu dress from Bevello.

All in all I had a great time! It’s a beautiful city with so much history. As the semester comes to an end my family and I might be heading there before going home for the summer!

Here are some pictures from my trip there!



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