What’s In My Bag

Hey guys! So today I’m going to give you guys a little peek as to what’s in my bag this semester! This is mostly what I carry around on the weekend more than during the school week when I usually have my back pack on me. I know it’s not much at the moment, but as the semester progresses I’ll definitely have more goodies (and probably some receipts). My current bag is a black Kate Spade Shoulder Bag that my sister got me for my 21st birthday.wimb-1

Here’s a couple close-ups of each item. At the moment I’m in LOVE with my Quay Australia sunglasses. I bring them everywhere with me, they go great with almost any outfit. Then of course I need my regular glasses. These are the Chamberlin glasses from Warby Parker. Like everyone else I usually have my phone on me at all times, my case is from Skinny Dip. It’s perfect cause it shows my love of donuts ๐Ÿ™‚ And finally we have my very basic beauty things that I keep on me. During the Fall semester here at USC I keep my makeup minimal because it is so hot here. So I make sure to always have my Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara and my Makeup Forever Lipstick on me just in case I need to touch up in between classes. And I always have to keep spare hair ties on me because of the heat!





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