Casual Holiday Party Outfits

With the holidays around the corner (literally) I decided to share with you all my favorite casual holiday party outfits. Personally, I love going to Christmas markets during the holiday season, watching movies by the fire, and catching up on some reading. During this winter break, my family and I will be traveling to Edinburgh and London! What do you like to do during the holiday season?

Recently my mom and I were in Annapolis and stubbled across this awesome boutique called 3Sisters. They had the cutest apparel for the holiday season! I got this brown sweater with the lace up shoulders. I haven’t seen anything like it, and it’s super comfortable! I like to keep my bottoms pretty plain with a good pair of jeans. In this post I wore my favorite black high-rise skinny jeans from Madewell, and a pair of black Steve Madden boots.


This second choice is a more festive option. Sweater vests are just as fun for this season as a full on festive sweater (featured next). I got this one from Walmart, they have tons of options in store and online for great prices!



Lastly, I have my favorite Christmas sweater that I have worn for a couple years now! I got this one from Urban Outfitters. It was part of their Urban Renewal collection, which made the price pretty reasonable! Originally this came with shoulder pads, but I took them out.



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