Edinburgh: Day 1

Hello all the way from Edinburgh, Scotland! This place is beautiful! Everything I could want during the Christmas season and more!!

It’s been pretty dark and rainy here most of the time, and VERY windy. The shops are adorable, mostly independently owned. The pubs are insane, and there are tons to choose from! When we landed we had to drop off our luggage at the train station because our airbnb wouldn’t be ready until 3p.m. Anywhere in the world, besides America, knows hot

First things first… COFFEE! In the pouring rain we walked to Costa Coffee on Princes St. Then we headed to the Scotland National Museum to kill some time before going to our apartment. My favorite part of the museum was the fashion section (of course)! Once we finished up there we headed to our apartment which is lovely and close to everything. To finish up a great first day here we walked down to the pub that is below our apartment. The food, drinks, and atmosphere were amazing!

So here was my very first day here in Edinburgh! More updates/ posts to come! Follow me on my instragm for more updates 🙂 *I also had to include two of the cutest therapy dogs that were at the airport*




Sorry I didn’t take as many as I would’ve liked on the first day, but the jet lag hit pretty hard! Get excited for Edinburgh Day 2!


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