Edinburgh Adventures Day 2

Onto day 2! We tried to get up as early as we could to start a jam packed day of activities. Can I just say one more time how beautiful Edinburgh is? Even with the rain and wind!

First things first, we headed to Edinburgh Castle. There we learned a little about the history of the castle (duh), those who lived in it, and the city as well. We got to see the Scotland’s Crown Jewels and even have afternoon tea in a cafe in the castle.


From there we headed back to the apartment for a little bit to warm up. THEN we walked down to the Christmas Markets on Princes St. Guys… this place gives Winter Wonderland in London (*hint* *hint* might be seeing it on a later post) a run for it’s money! Everything was so cute and Christmasy and cozy, I couldn’t get enough.

The one thing I wanted to do the most there was go through the Christmas Tree Maze. So after walking around and looking at the food and gift stands we bought our tickets for the maze and headed down to the entrance! I found out about it through one of my favorite Youtuber’s Vlogs (Zoella). It was even more magical in person!


That’s all for my second day here!



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