Edinburgh Adventures Day 3

If you couldn’t tell already my posts are a little delayed, but the first couple days away were a little bit pf a struggle with the time difference.

That being said, our third day in Scotland was Christmas day! We didn’t wake up till about one in the afternoon that day, and I actually saw blue skies for a second, but the minute we walked outside that was a different story.

Everything was closed here on Christmas day, which I think was very nice! I honestly think it’s a holiday everyone should spend with their family, not out still shopping. Once my family and I got dressed and ready we headed out to make our own Harry Potter Tour here in Edinburgh. As a matter of fact, if you didn’t already know, J.K. Rowling actually wrote the first book in Edinburgh and based most of the places and people from the city! We stopped by The Elephant House (where she wrote the first book), Grey Friars Graveyard (where someone named Tom Riddle, and someone with the last name McGonagall *how cool!!*)

After our mini adventures we came back to the apartment and made a home cooked meal and had some family time.

I also took a couple pictures of the cute shops and pubs on the way! Still can’t get over how great Edinburgh, Scotland is!!



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