London Lovin’ P.2

Side note: I don’t want to make my travel posts too long, which is why I’ve separated what I did into parts! It was a jam packed week in London, but it all went by too quickly 😦

The Victoria and Albert museum was a major highlight for me. I would recommend it for anyone who is interested in fashion. They have an amazing history of underwear section that starts from the beginning of underwear for both men and women to popular brands now like lululemon and H&M. They even have a Juicy Couture track suit on display (good thing I still fit into mine?)!

We also went to Winter Wonderland, a huge Christmas market in Hyde Park. Tons of people attended for the 10 year anniversary. Just like the Edinburgh Christmas Market, Winter Wonderland had all the little food stands and quaint Christmas themed shops. They had a giant kind of Octoberfest area with music and tons of German inspired food.

I also did a little bit of shopping in TopShop and visited Harrods! I will do a mini haul post soon!




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