A Magical Break

Hello there! I’m back from Spring Break and have some fun pictures and experiences to share! With it being my last semester in University I wanted to make my last spring break memorable, and it certainly was.

I spent my last spring break in Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale. In Orlando my family and I went to Universal Studios and Disney World (Epcot & Magic Kingdom). Because we’re such huge Harry Potter fanatics we spent most of the day at Harry Potter World. Unfortunately, they closed the park really early (7 p.m.) because it was off peak season. But, the lines for everything were really short which I enjoyed, and meant more rides (specifically the Harry Potter ones). I even got to ride on the Hogwarts express. Towards the end we walked through the rest of the park to see what all the different areas looked like, and  the King Kong one looked pretty impressive so I’m kind of sad I didn’t have time to go into that area. Side Note: Yes, My family has tried to do all things Harry Potter within a year!

The next two days were spent doing all things Disney. I hadn’t been to Disney World since I was about 11, and I couldn’t believe everything that has changed. The first day was spent in Epcot. Of course the first thing I had to do was get a pair of Minnie ears! I have no memory of ever going through all the countries there when I was younger, so this was completely new to me and I LOVED it! I loved getting to see what movies and princesses were based in which countries! The Disney Flower Festival was also going on during the time I was there and made it even more BEAUTIFUL! We even waited in line for the new Frozen ride in Norway!

The second Disney day was spent at the Magic Kingdom! Just walking in I felt like a kid again, everything was just so magical and nostalgic for me. Though it was still March it was SUPER hot and the lines were still a 50 minute minimum even though it was off season. I still had a great time and was able to go on a couple of the rides, and made sure my outfit was comfortable to last through the day. One of my favorite parts of the day was getting to see the parade. I loved seeing all the floats, and it was nice to see all the new characters showcased while still having the more classic ones. My other favorite part was discovering the new “Fantasy Land.” It wasn’t until later when we were behind Cinderella’s Castle that I noticed there was a brand new princess part! I couldn’t believe it! They had Belle’s Castle, Ariel got a whole new grotto area, and I think Rapunzel had her own area too if I remember correctly. These new princess castles also had special restaurants for families to dine in. You can also dine in Cinderella’s castle!

I guess you can say I had a pretty “magical” spring break to say the least! I enjoyed every minute of it, and was thankful for every moment that I got to spend with my family for my last spring break!



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