It’s Okay to Treat Yourself!

Currently I would classify myself as a “busy bee” lately. Graduation is right around the corner *literally*, I am still internship hunting for the summer, trying to finish my last semester with the best grades possible, and lastly trying to cherish every moment I can with my close friends here on campus. I am a huge believer in the quote “Treat Yo-Self” from Parks and Recreation. It is currently the reason my closet is so full, and wallet so empty *oops*. But I want to write about a different kind of “treat.” I think many of us forget to take care of ourselves and have a little “me” time every now and then.

When I was in middle school I loved writing in my journal. It was very therapeutic, and it helped me reflect on the days I had (both good and bad). More recently, my mom and sister got me a beautiful leather journal for when I began my college adventures. In the beginning I was pretty good with writing in it often, and then I kind of stopped because I never gave myself enough time to sit down and reflect my days here. Now that the end of my college career is near I have started to sit down and really reflect on my days and try to write as much as possible. In the future I want to be able to sit on my comfy couch and read through it. I also still print most of my photos and have a photo album (Facebook isn’t forever) so I can keep captured moments at events.IMG_4066.JPG

Another great way to relax and treat yourself is with skincare! I LOVE taking care of my skin. Back in high school my skin was awful until I saw a dermatologist, and since then I love taking care of my skin way more than wearing makeup. A couple days a go I used a face mask my friend got for me and it felt amazing to sit and relax while the mask did its magic! For Valentine’s Day I got a variety of sheet face masks from Urban Outfitters (those are always fun!. Granted you may look a little terrifying with the sheet mask on, but it’s fun/funny and your skin feels fabulous after. I would highly recommend doing this before bed as more of a calming activity. I also like to use a moisturizer after just so when I wake up my skin is super soft in the morning.IMG_9428

Bubble baths are also a great calming treat activity. Especially if you have a Lush near you!! They have great handmade and natural skin care products. Also they always have fun seasonal bath items, especially during the Holiday season in the Fall/ Winter. My favorite bath bomb is ‘Twilight’ because not only is it a pretty color but it has lavender in it (carried all year round). Lavender is a great scent for relaxation. Light a couple candles, have a glass of wine (or water in a nice glass is nice too), and sink into your relaxing bath!

Whether it’s an actual treat (donuts are my favorite) or a relaxing self care treat, it’s important to have some time to yourself every now and again. When life gets hectic, take a small time out from the world and relax!

What’s your favorite “Treat Yourself” treat? Leave a comment below!



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